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Well worth it if you can spare a half hour (and you’re into Beethoven, of course): I spent ages on YouTube listening to various interpretations, yet not quite finding what I wanted. I often have this problem with classical stuff – the musicianship may be bob on technically speaking, but the feel isn’t quite right. I’m no expert in this area, but I know what touches me personally. Maybe it’s that you get so used to the nuances of the version you fell in love with that it’s difficult to hear it played in a different way, however slight it may be. The rendition that rocks my world is a 1969 recording by the London Symphony Orchestra, featuring pianist Stephen Kovacevich.

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It was on a CD given away with The Guardian back in 1996 – a ‘Soundtrack Sampler’ for the film ‘Shine’ (which I’ve never seen), the story of Australian pianist David Helfgott. I don’t think ‘The Emperor’ appeared in the movie, but was a ‘related piano classic’.