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Jersey Shore Stamped Concrete is a full service concrete business in New Jersey specializing in stamped concrete and exposed aggregate for patios, driveways, stairs, pool decks and other outdoor living spaces.

As homeowners look to expand their living space outside the home and enjoy a “staycation” now and then, the versatility and beauty of decorative concrete and natural stone are making them more and more popular. If you want to create an outdoor space to enjoy any time of the year — admiring the first blooms of the garden, relaxing by the pool, enjoying the warmth of the outdoor fireplace — Jersey Shore Stamped Concrete can help you get there.

Company founder John Racioppi has more than 16 years of experience in residential concrete, and has been serving residents in the New Jersey area since 1997. We invite you to view the rest of the site to learn more about our company, and look forward to working with you to create an outdoor living space that fits your lifestyle.

We also provide a maintenance service for stamped concrete resealing and can re color existing stamped concrete to make it look new again!

Jersey Shore Stamped Concrete, NJ

Jersey Shore Stamped Concrete can convert your old cracked and worn Driveways, Walkways, Patios, and Pool Decks to take on the apearance of Slate, Cobblestone, Brick, Tile and Fieldstone!

We also provide a maitenence service for stamped concrete resealing and can re color existing stamped concrete to make it look new again!

Stamped concrete has many residential and commercial applications and is stronger and more durable than conventional concrete.

Stamped concrete is typically done with 4000 psi strength concrete that is integrally colored and reinforced with 3/8” rebar or 6×6 10 gauge wire mesh, and fibermesh.

Before the concrete sets, a pattern is impressed into the surface. This is done with rubber mats, which come in an array of designs. 

A colored release agent is broadcast evenly over the surface and serves two purposes, to release the stamp from the concrete and provide a secondary color. 

When the concrete has set thoroughly, usually 24-48 hours, the excess release agent is power washed off, control joints are cut, and two coats of acrylic sealer is applied.

Stamped concrete is several times stronger than brick pavers and other paving systems. Unlike brick pavers, stamped concrete is non-porous when sealed, making it waterproof, stain, and weather resistant. With stamped concrete you avoid problems encountered with hand-laid products. You no longer have to worry about un-leveling due to frost, settlement, or vegetation growing between individual bricks.

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